Why we made our point of sale barrier solution (A Word from Tom)

barrier solution Jun 01, 2020

I’m sure 6 months ago you were like us. You would not have been giving much thought at all to how we physically interact with our staff and customers, ‘social distancing’ was a foreign phrase, and a handshake was something given and received without consideration. The social and economic impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic are obviously still unfolding and will be doing so for some time it seems.

We felt the downturn immediately in our usual business working for the arts and cultural sector.  Having provide technical services to museums and at galleries for 20 years through our company POD Museum and Arts Services, we decided to use our acrylic fabrication knowhow to develop a screening solution a bit different from others on offer.

We observed many Point of Sale barrier solutions to be ugly, cumbersome, inelegant, inflexible and poorly conceived. The resulting effect from the customers point of view is that of a hastily erected distancing measure from equal measures of clear acrylic, uncertainty, and fear.

We also received feedback from our regular clients that they were none too pleased about screw fixing into their high-end display surfaces.

Many were involved in facilities management, attending Covid 19 response meetings at large organisations and fielding a wide range of questions from staff:

We need to have some sort of screen! What type of screen? How long do these screening measures need to be in place? Do we even need a screen? How long must we have them up? When can we take them down again? How do we know when to take them down? Must they be installed permanently? Who is even telling us we need a screen?

Almost none of these questions at the time of writing this have clear answers. From our point of view the best response to these questions lay in the design of a solution that was simple, not too ugly, and expandable. We set about creating a simple acrylic barrier for countertops.

  • Freestanding, but also fixable if needed.
  • Something that looks clean and well considered.
  • No screws or aluminium channel. No slot together fins that protrude toward the customer
  • Minimal installation required
  • Something light enough to be moved by one person, but stable enough not to be knocked over.
  • Something Modular. It can be a single 780mm wide screen or join a bunch together to create many meters of screening

The response has been great to far. It is one of many solutions to this problem out there, but we think ours is the nicest 😊

When Museum Victoria opens its doors on the 27th June and if you happen to attend it’s quite possible you’ll purchase something through one of our CounterAct screens!

If you don’t happen to notice it all the better. It means we got the design right.

Take care everyone.



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